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LASEC Announces Phoenix Academy Opening

Phoenix Academy school logo

The Phoenix Academy is a public day school, 9th grade through transition, designed to provide an educational environment where youth can develop and implement skills to expand personal insight to improve their academic success, emotional health, and long term success in their community.

The Phoenix Academy learning community is built on the pillars of the Circle of Courage; Belonging, Mastery, Independence, and Generosity. It is through this community youth will have the opportunity to develop academic competencies to successfully transition to their home schools and or their desired post-secondary environment (employment and or continued education opportunities).

Objectives of the program

As a Special Education Cooperative, we want to provide innovative programming for all students with special education needs founded on best practice in the least restrictive environment.  The premise is to provide mutual assistance towards a common goal:  Exemplary programming for students with special needs that is more efficient by sharing the services among districts. 

The Phoenix Academy will open its doors for the  2020-21 school year with the educational objectives to:

  • Provide strategies to assist students in learning positive ways to identify and manage their emotional dysregulation
  • Provide high quality learning opportunities utilizing competency based learning practices to design individual learning pathways for each student.
  • Provide instruction resources that include alternative learning spaces, online curriculum, and community based instruction.
  • Provide certified educational staff with specializations to support students with emotional disabilities 


10035 W. Grand Ave.
Franklin Park, IL. 60131


For more information please contact:
Kevin M. Wolf L.C.S.W.
Phoenix Academy Director
E-Mail: kwolf@lasecfp.org