Public Notice

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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by Leyden Area Special Education Cooperative in the County of Cook, State of Illinois that the e-learning plan for Phoenix Academy is conveniently available for public inspection on the Phoenix Academy website. Notice is hereby further given that a public hearing on the e-learning plan will be held on June 7, 2022, at Leyden Area Special Education Cooperative, 10401 W. Grand Ave, Franklin Park, IL by the Executive Board at 8:30 AM. To access the e-learning plan please go to Phoenix Academy E-Learning Plan under Phoenix Academy Link, Curriculum / Instruction. 

The purpose of said hearing will be to receive public comment on the proposed e-learning plan which, if approved, will permit students’ instruction to be received electronically while students are not physically present in lieu of the district’s scheduled emergency days. This program is allowed under Public Act 101-0012. Section 5/10-20.56 of the School Code contains the minimum requirements to ensure staff and student participation in an eLearning day will allow the day to be counted as a day of student attendance. Notification of this hearing is provided to families and is posted in the newspaper more than 10 days prior to the scheduled