The instructional practices at the Phoenix Academy focus on best practices to support students with emotional dysregulation needs. The foundation of our work is embedded with utilizing the Circle of Courage, Life Space Crisis Intervention, and competency based learning. Our student center approach meets students where they are performing and provides them with specially designed instruction to improve their areas of deficit while enhancing their strengths. 

We use the Circle of Courage to foster a learning environment where all students have a sense of belonging, develop mastery, foster independence, and show generosity. The approach focuses heavily on the value of building positive relationships with adults and peers. 

Our staff utilize the principles of LSCI to support students development of emotional regulation. Students develop skills to identify stressors and learn strategies to manage how those impact their individual emotions. Students use these skills to develop strategies to effectively interact with peers and adults. 

The instructional team at Phoenix Academy utilizes a blend of instructional tools to provide rigorous learning opportunities for students. Through a personalized learning environment that includes small and whole group instruction and in-class and community-based opportunities to facilitate student learning. Students focus on their strengths as they explore educational concepts and produce evidence that displays mastery of common core learning standards. This provides students with the foundation to transition back to the home school setting or to successfully transition to the post-secondary world. A student’s IEP goals guide the instructional team for instructional interventions, accommodations, and modifications.